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A mum, a dad, their son and his tutor tired of bank transfers and using manual calendars, emails etc came up with the idea of BookDeTutor.

BookDeTutor – is a free mobile app that allows the service provider who could be a Tutor or Teacher or Instructor providing lessons such as Physics, Maths, English, Swimming, Cooking, Piano, Music and all manner of extra lessons to connect to a user/consumer of their service to provide instant bookable services via their appointment slot calendars and receive payment for their services.

A service provider can create a bookable service, task and invite a user via email to book their service, all appointments slots are automatically scheduled, managed and organised.

A user can book the free or paid for service task or activity (as defined by the provider) by accessing the provider’s appointment calendar slots.

A service provider can request and recieve payment for services provided as necessary, straight to their PayPal Account.

The user has instant access to the providers advertised schedule of appointment slots and can instantly book/request it.

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